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We try to find solutions for difficult-to-treat physical disorders with new technologies.

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The cause for Tinnitus is not yet known

There are a number of phenomena that can initiate Tinnitus.

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Search for a possible cause of Tinnitus.

There are a number of triggers that can onset Tinnitus. If the trigger is found, healing may be offered

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Tinnitus itself is not a disease

It is the symptom of an underlying problem. If that can be found, treatment may be possible.

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About Tinnitus

Tinnitus is the experiencing of irritating sounds that do not enter through the ear. Almost everyone knows the temporary, annoying ringing in the ear after a rock concert or other noisy event. But for some, the sounds never stop, even after many years. They are sometimes so disturbing to them that normal daily life is no longer possible. . . . .

About Tinnitus House

Tinnitus House is established as part of the Foundation Brain Innovations and has set itself the goal of collecting data from as many patients as possible in order to gain insight into the factors that cause tinnitus to occur and the factors that can cause tinnitus to decrease or disappear completely. We would like to invite you to join our fully anonymised Tinnitus panel to answer questionnaires on a regular basis. . . ..

Help find a solution

From the answers to the Tinnitus panel questionnaires, a team of scientists will form hypotheses for possible causes and remedies, and the most promising remedies will then be placed in a laboratory situation - The Tinnitus room - and tested with tinnitus patients. The results from the Tinnitus room tests are then used to ask new, more targeted questions to the Tinnitus panel. . .

Peer Support

Although there is no clear-cut solution to the Tinnitus problem, it has been found that it can be helpful to exchange experiences with fellow sufferers. In some cases it can help to break through the negative thoughts about tinnitus, to give the perspective that one can also live with tinnitus and to change the (emotional) response to it. .

Patient Information

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