Why a Tinnitus panel?


A modern solution based on Big Data! The Tinnitus Panel is a group of people who suffer from tinnitus and who want to participate in a big data study to find causes and remedies. By comparing the data of thousands of patients, we want to recognize patterns that are not possible based on individual research. The members of the Tinnitus Panel can participate completely anonymously, do not have to provide any information about their identity, not even their own name. If you want to know more about the privacy policy around the Tinnitus Panel, click. here.

Help find a solution

Would you like to participate in the Tinnitus House? Then we would like to invite you to register via the link below.

Advantages and disadvantages of participating

Although your participation is very much appreciated, we can of course not immediately offer you a cure. The research stage we are in is still far too early for that. Because we really want you to participate, and don't want to leave you empty-handed, we are offering you a platform on which you can exchange information completely anonymously with other people who suffer from tinnitus. You have to imagine this platform as a kind of Facebook, but very private, completely anonymous, and without a nosey company behind it.

We as researchers are only interested in the research results, and we assume that while we take a risk by allowing people to log in anonymously, we have very good methods for filtering out 'hackers' or rogue participants . Read our extensive 'Privacy & Protection Policy'.

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