Who are we?

Tinnitus House is an initiative of a partnership between several universities and companies, housed in the Foundation BrainInnovations and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 71643028. BrainInnovations remit is finding solutions for difficult-to-treat conditions with new technology. “New technology” should be understood to mean technology in the broadest sense of the word. For example, the most modern techniques in neuroscience are considered, but also innovations in data science. Central to Tinnitus House is the idea that a cure can only be found if it is clear what the condition is, how it arises, and how patients respond to treatments.

The problem with tinnitus is that these issues have hardly been investigated. Patients who report complaints to a general practitioner or specialist want immediate help, but are often told “unfortunately we can do nothing” or they are referred to a wide range of solutions that have not been proven to work in a broad sense. Sometimes a solution works for a specific group of patients, but even then it is not clear whether that effect is due to direct physiological effectiveness or simply the imagination of the patient.

Crowd Science

Tinnitus House firstly wants to obtain a more accurate picture of what tinnitus is exactly, how it arises, and what the effects in a broad sense are (so not only in a few patients) of the various treatments offered. By following a very large group of patients and keeping track of how they experience the condition and the remedies, we hope to be able to observe a clear pattern of the condition in all its facets. We refer to this as “Crowd Science”

Advisory Board Tinnitus House

Prof. dr. F.E. ( Freek ) Hoebeek, Laboratory of Neuroimmunology and Developmental Origins of Disease (NIDOD)
Utrecht Medical Center Utrecht,

Ass. prof. Dr.Ir. C.( Christos ) Strydis,  Neuroscience Erasmus MC University Rotterdam

Prof. dr, S.K. ( Bas ) Koekkoek,  Neuroscience Erasmus MC University Rotterdam

Prof. dr. ( J.J.G. ) Gerard Borst,  Neuroscience Erasmus MC University

Dr. Ir. Marijn van Dongen, NXP semiconductors, Nijmegen,

Drs. ( H.E. ) Bart Drost,  KNO, Bravis Ziekenhuis Bergen op Zoom

Drs. ( V. ) Vishtaseb Akbarkhanzadeh , psychiater te Amsterdam

mbers of the Tinnitus House working group

Prof. dr. Dirk De Ridder, neurochirurg te Gent

ass. prof. (E.M.) Eddy van der Velden translationeel onderzoeker

Prof.dr.ir. Wouter Serdijn, Technische Universiteit Delft (LinkedIn)

drs. Joop van Gent, Language Technologist, CEO Irion Technologies, (LinkedIn)

Phillip Storey, PSF medical Rotterdam (LinkedIn)

Ron Woering, Epona Consultancy Baarn (LinkedIn)

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