Chatten blijkt een succesformule

This patient had her ankle replaced some 12 years ago elsewhere and was pleased with the outcome till recently. X-rays revealed a broken bearing and considerable bone loss at the talar side. As an alternative to arthrodesis, the surgeon considered in this case a custom-made talar component to compensate for the bone loss. Based on detailed CT-scans an exact copy of the defect was printed in a titanium mesh structure that mimics cancellous bone (fig 1) *). This metal structure allows for the bone to grow into. An talar component with prolonged stem extended into the calcaneum (heel bone) increasing the stability.(fig2) To compensate for some of the bone loss on the tibial side and to ensure sufficient joint stability a 12 mm polyethylene bearing was used (fig 3). X-rays reveal precise placement of the components. (fig 4)
(* Epore ® Implantcast Germany)

pictures courtesy of Dr Daniel Haverkamp & Dr Daniel Hoornenborg, Slotervaart Hospital Netherlands