Why a Tinnitus Panel

A modern solution based on data science

The Tinnitus Panel is a group of people who suffer from tinnitus and who want to participate in a big data study to find causes and remedies. By comparing the data of thousands of patients, we want to recognize patterns that are not possible based on individual research. The members of the Tinnitus Panel can participate completely anonymously, do not have to provide any information about their identity, not even their own name. If you want to know more about the privacy policy around the Tinnitus Panel, click. here.

Help find a solution

Would you like to participate in our research? In that case just register via the link below.

The advantages of participation

Your participation in our survey is greatly appreciated. In order to give something back before we can offer any solutions, we want to give you useful information that you may already benefit from. First of all, we will keep you informed via our newsletter. But if you participate by filling in the questionnaire, we also offer you a so-called recommender system tips that are automatically calculated from the completed questionnaires of people with a similar profile. For details on the system, see this explanation on Wikipedia.

TinnitusHouse handles your information with the utmost care. We have no commercial interests and are only interested in research results.