Tinnitus is indeed an occupational disease

Pop musicians

If pop concerts are regarded as one of the main causes of tinnitus, it is not surprising that musicians form a profession that is frequently plagued by tinnitus, among them many celebrities  from home and abroad. From the past and the present. 

Construction industry

It appears that hearing damage in construction is a common problem from the figures of the Netherlands Center for Occupational Diseases (NCVB). The Working Conditions Act states that every employee who is exposed to more than 85 dB(A) on a daily basis or a peak sound pressure higher than 140 Pa must be given the opportunity by the employer to undergo periodic audiometric examination.
of een piekgeluidsdruk hoger dan 140 Pa door
de werkgever in de gelegenheid moet worden
gesteld om periodiek een audiometrisch onderzoek te ondergaan. 


Tinnitus can develop quickly while riding a motorcycle. According to Alpine, which develops hearing protection, you can already contract tinnitus after driving 15 minutes at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. This is caused by the sound of the wind blowing past your ears. At 100 kilometers per hour that is 94 decibels. At 120 kilometers per hour this rises to 98 decibels, enough to contract tinnitus within seven minutes.
Source: motorrijders.nl

Classical Musicians

But not only pop and rock musicians, tinnitus can also be the cause of work nuisance and even disability for classical musicians. In general, short exposure to loud volumes can cause just as much damage as prolonged moderate exposure to sound. The latter is very often the case with orchestra musicians.

Factory workers

Metalworking people can be exposed to noise. The use of metalworking machines, lathes, milling machines, etc. and use of welding machines, welding aggregates, machines and motors, results in more hearing complaints by metalworkers. This often involves exposure above 80dB, a harmful noise level. Peak exposures well above 100 dB occur when, for example, steel is struck with a hammer.

Aid workers

A striking number of reports of tinnitus come from the police sector. Probably loud sirens do not contribute to the state of hearing. The number of hearing impaired among firefighters is also remarkably high. The hearing loss appeared to be mainly caused by exposure to noise from machines, tools and of course the siren. Om een beroepsziekte te kunnen melden, moet de CAS-code (Classificaties voor Arbo en Sociale verzekeringen) worden doorgegeven. Voor  tinnitus is dat de CAS code H102 

Yes, tinnitus is classified as an occupational disease

Since the publication of the report prepared by Coronel Institute for Work and Health (Amsterdam AMC), tinnitus has indeed been widely accepted as an occupational disease. A (company) doctor must therefore report this. The tinnitus must have a frequency greater than 3000 Hz (high-pitched hiss or beep) to be explained by exposure to excessive noise. You can find more information about Tinnitus as an occupational disease on this website of the Netherlands Center for Occupational Diseases of the Amsterdam UMC.