Brief description

TinnitusHouse is an initiative of the BrainInnovations Foundation, a Dutch foundation that has been involved for many years with innovations in disorders of the brain and the central nerve system. The basic idea behind TinnitusHouse was a cross-fertilization of diverse disciplines such as neuroscience, psychology, bioelectronics and data science to significantly accelerate tinnitus research.

The following organizations are closely involved with TinnitusHouse:

  • BrainInnovations Foundation (founder)
  • Delft University (co-founder)
  • University of Otago (New Zealand)
  • Hoormij Foundation
  • TinnitusFree Foundation
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • University of Regensburg
  • University of Groningen
  • Tilburg University

Leden werkgroep Tinnitushouse​​​

  • Prof. dr. Dirk De Ridder, neurochirurg te Gent
  • ass. prof. (E.M.) Eddy van der Velden translationeel onderzoeker
  • Wouter Serdijn, Technische Universiteit Delft (LinkedIn)
  • Drs. Joop van Gent, Language Technologist, CEO Irion Technologies, (LinkedIn)
  • Ron Woering, Epona Medical Device Consultancy Baarn (LinkedIn)

Adviesraad Tinnitushouse​

  • Prof. dr. F.E. ( Freek ) Hoebeek, Laboratory of Neuroimmunology and Developmental Origins of Disease (NIDOD), Utrecht Medical Center Utrecht,
  • Ass. prof. Dr.Ir. C.( Christos ) Strydis,  Neuroscience Erasmus MC University Rotterdam
  • Prof. dr, S.K. ( Bas ) Koekkoek,  Neuroscience Erasmus MC University Rotterdam
  • Prof. dr. ( J.J.G. ) Gerard Borst,  Neuroscience Erasmus MC University
  • Dr. Ir. Marijn van Dongen, NXP semiconductors, Nijmegen
  • Drs. ( H.E. ) Bart Drost,  KNO, Bravis Ziekenhuis Bergen op Zoom
  • Drs. ( V. ) Vishtaseb Akbarkhanzadeh , psychiater te Amsterdam

Partners in Tinnitushouse

St. Brain Innovations

Brain Innovations was founded as a joint venture to integrate the very rapid new developments in brain research and technology to create new treatments for untreatable diseases. 
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TU Delft

The mission of the Section Bioelectronics is to provide technology for the successful monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of cortical, neural, cardiac and muscular disorders by means of electroceuticals.
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Hoormij Foundation

The Hoormij Foundation aims to promote the individual and collective interests and to promote the well-being of people with hearing disorders and language development disorders, as well as their family and their caregivers 
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Tinnitusfree Foundation

The TinnitusFree Foundation raises money for research, treatments and medicines and promotes awareness regarding tinnitus.
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